Process Characterization & Statistical Modeling — Transforming Data into Knowledge Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Accelerating Biologics Drug Development with an Expanding Analytical Toolkit

Optimization of a Conventional Glycosylation Analytical Method Using Machine Learning and Experimental Design

Conversion of a viral glycoprotein titer method from ELISA to BLI

R&D Quality as the Foundation for Product Quality

Comparison of different methods of clarification of CHO cells

Cloning of Three Cell Types Comparing the Namo™ Single Cell Dispenser to Flow Cytometry and Limited Dilution Cloning

Upstream development of Escherichia coli fermentation process with PhoA promoter using design of experiments (DoE)

Definitive Screening Designs

Application of Definitive Screening Design (DSD) to the icIEF Assay Development of Antibodies and Therapeutic Proteins